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The Context

Due to travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic, we needed to bring together a remote Chairman, Company Secretary, and other non-exec directors with board members in London for the AGM.

A key priority was for the Melbourne-based Chairman to be able to conduct the Q&A with his London-based shareholders himself.

The Project

We developed a fully hybrid AGM solution with real attention to detail.

BHP’s Senior Independent Director opened the meeting in London and covered off the procedural elements of the meeting for shareholders.  The Chairman and Company Secretary joined the meeting remotely from Melbourne via a giant LED screen that created a feeling of them being present in the room.

The Chairman was able to see the shareholders in the meeting room and the Board onstage, which allowed him to deliver his presentation and host the shareholder Q&A session himself.  We ensured the eyeline to the shareholders was equal so that he gave the impression of looking them in the eye to speak with them.

The question management approach we devised, which had all shareholders register their questions as they arrived at the meeting, kept the chair fully informed about who was next, what their question was and how many questions there were left to take.

The Outcome

The AGM ran smoothly throughout the 2 hour and 30-minute running time.  Shareholders were able to ask all their questions and the voting was conducted.  The Chairman and Company Secretary felt they were in full control of proceedings at all times.

The numbers

  • 11 in person attendees
  • 8 questions registered
  • 142 webcast viewers
  • All resolutions passed


“A HUGE, HUGE thank you to all of the Aspect team for your help, guidance and patience with this year’s AGM.  We’ve faced changes, challenges, and last-minute requests in the bucket load, but everyone has been just fantastic as always and met every (and sometimes crazy) demand with true professionalism, expertise, and a clear drive to have the best solutions in place.  As a result, today we delivered a perfect event with a very happy Chair and CEO!”

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