Equal Opportunities Policy

Aspect is accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 2021 and supports an inclusive culture. Jo Randle, Aspect’s CEO is responsible for our commitment to this Equal Opportunities policy and all policies and procedures in accordance with the afore-mentioned accreditations.

Aspect Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and all employees are responsible for implementing the policy. This means that all job applicants and employees, as well as clients and suppliers, will be treated in the same way, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs, marital status, age, race, ethnic origin or disability.

Aspect Ltd is committed to an active equal opportunities policy and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind in the workplace. The policy relates to all areas of employment including but not limited to the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointment, training, conditions of work and pay and retirement. All decisions relating to employment will be made objectively and without bias and will be based solely on individual merit.

Discrimination occurs when an individual is:

Aspect Ltd is committed to preventing any form of harassment, bullying, victimisation and discrimination within the workplace. No member of the workforce should be subjected to such treatment and it is Aspect’s intention that no member of staff subjects other members of staff to this type of treatment.

If an employee is disabled or becomes disabled during his or her employment they should inform the Company. It may be necessary to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the employee’s employment or working conditions to assist the employee in their duties and all such proposals will be carefully considered. If it is practicable to do so these adjustments will be made, but it may not be possible to implement such adjustments in all cases.

Any member of staff may use the grievance procedure to complain about any discrimination, this starts with an informal discussion with your Line Manager. Everyone should feel able to raise such grievances and no one will be penalised for raising a grievance unless it is untrue and made in bad faith.

If an employee is falsely accused of discrimination they can also implement the Aspect Ltd.’s grievance procedure. In this case the wrongful accuser may find themselves being disciplined in line with the Company’s disciplinary procedure.

Below are types of behaviour that will not be tolerated:-


It is the policy of Aspect Ltd to support any employee who is being harassed or otherwise discriminated against or who is themselves supporting or assisting a fellow employee who is being harassed or discriminated against in any way.

Sexual Harassment

Examples of harassment include:-

Although the above list gives examples of sexual harassment, it is not exhaustive and sexual harassment takes many forms, from relatively mild sexual banter to actual physical violence.

Sexual Orientation Harassment

This form of harassment is targeted at homosexual men and women and examples of sexual orientation harassment include:-

Racial Harassment

Examples of racial harassment include:-

Religious Harassment

Religious harassment could include:-

Sexual Discrimination Act

This Act contains prohibits discrimination against men, women, married persons and trans-gender people throughout recruitment and employment and after employment has ended.

Gender Discrimination applies equally to men and women.

Marital Status Discrimination prohibits unfavourable treatment of an employee or job applicant on the grounds that he/she is married or has entered into a civil partnership.

Gender Reassignment Discrimination – an employer must not discriminate against a person on the grounds that they may be

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination could be in the form of:-

Age Discrimination

Potential examples of age harassment could be:-

Disabled Individuals

Procedures to deal with discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation

Aspect Ltd believes that each employee is responsible for his / her own behaviour and for helping to maintain a working environment where any form of discrimination, harassment, victimisation or bullying will be regarded as unacceptable. Each employee of Aspect Ltd has a responsibility not to indirectly support any discriminatory behaviour by ignoring it.

What to do: Informally

What to do: Formally

If the informal approach does not work, you feel unable to approach the perpetrator informally or you feel the behaviour is serious Aspect Ltd encourages you to use the formal procedure and will support you in you doing so:-



Questions, comments and requests regarding our equal opportunities policy are welcomed and should be addressed to

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