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The Question

How do you launch a new company brand identity across 27 countries ensuring all 5,000 staff feel included, valued and engaged with the new strategy?



The Answer

Using a ‘top down’ approach, we developed a 12 month integrated campaign to ensure high impact reach to all audience groups. Starting by activating business leaders and aligning them to the new brand, we created brand champions who could share the new principles with their teams. We then designed and produced a high profile launch to all 5,000 company employees across 27 countries.

Our ambitious launch solution was a simultaneous live global broadcast to all 5,000 employees. Produced by Aspect and hosted at our client’s HQ in Florida, the 90 minute broadcast included live presentations from 8 satellite sites, linked by 2-way sound and vision broadcasting to 27 satellite events and incorporating a truly global Q&A. The executive team were also deployed around the world to instil a real sense of inclusion and ensure all locations felt valued.

As part of the campaign Aspect also designed and supported an experiential brand breakout activity, that ran after the broadcast at each of the 27 sites, to enhance take up of the new brand principles.

The result was an exciting and engaging global brand experience that delivered a consistent message, tone and feel throughout the organisation.



The Outcome

The result was a highly motivated organisation: We cut across time zones and cultural differences to create a highly motivated organisation. The workshops produced measurable results and actions for follow up.


“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  I sent the note below to our internal troops, but wanted to send to you as well.  I can’t imagine pulling this off without you all (in fact I know we wouldn’t have!) and I am so thankful for your crazy ideas, your guidance, and your support in making them happen.  And for making us all the best we can be.  I couldn’t think of a better partner to have to lead this transformation together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Looking forward to the next one…”

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