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The Context

Our client’s objective for this event was to bring together team members from around the world for a Global Staff Gathering in Athens to connect, learn, and share. After two years of virtual-only contact and remote meetings, this was a big moment for the organisation and the first opportunity for many of their people to meet in person.

The Challenge

Aspect was tasked to direct and support on all elements of the event, from idea generation, content and production to logistics and on-site management. The project grew during the planning stage, so a degree of flexibility was required to ensure we could meet all the client’s objectives. Some of the delegates struggled to obtain travel visas for the event, so one of Aspect’s challenges was to find a workable solution that would allow those delegates to participate in the event remotely.

The Solution

We worked closely with our client on developing content for the multiple and varied speaker sessions that was aligned with their core objectives for the event. Our strong relationship and good communication with them meant that they trusted us implicitly to make the right decisions and support them on the more challenging aspects of the event management. For those delegates that weren’t able to attend the event in person due to travel restrictions or visa issues, Aspect created virtual ‘satellites’ to allow them to participate remotely. This solution was incredibly well-received by both the client and online audience, with the satellite locations claiming “it was like being in the room as opposed to thousands of miles away”.

The Benefit

This was a complex event and the Aspect team fully embraced a “no ask was too much” mentality to ensure the client felt fully supported and in safe hands at every turn, from pre-production to onsite and post-event. Our associate DMC on location gave us the confidence that we had the best possible logistics support on the ground.

The Result

Our client received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the delegates, all of whom who are looking forward to attending the next event. As a result, with Aspect’s support, they have decided to run the Global Staff Gatherings more frequently from now on.

Customer Testimonial

Received 100% on NPS scoring.

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