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The Objective

Our client wanted to bring together its top 160 commercial team members from across the globe, and 250 remote attendees, for a four-day commercial kick-off meeting. The organisation’s imminent merger meant the timing of the event was pivotal to the commercial team.

This annual meeting had been held virtually for the previous two years so it was crucial to ensure this year’s hybrid event provided a memorable and valuable experience for both the physical and virtual audiences.

Our Work

Due to the ongoing challenges presented by the global pandemic at the time and the social distancing restrictions in place, we had to ‘bubble’ the in-person delegates in one hotel for four days, with only one off-site visit planned to the awards dinner on the final evening. We also managed all additional pandemic-related health and safety requirements, including mandatory testing on arrival and throughout the event, and extensive and detailed contingency planning for any eventuality.

Our biggest priority was to inject energy into the production of the show to ensure that both the live and virtual audiences felt engaged with the content and fully included in the kick-off.

Most of our client’s presenters were attending the event in person so our focus was on making the virtual experience and user journey second to none.

The Outcome

To keep things interesting and provide variety throughout their four-day experience we created different environments and themes at the venue for the in-person delegates.

We enhanced the camera shots during the meeting sessions by bringing in a jib to provide different angles and perspectives, thus inviting the virtual audience directly into the room to make them feel welcomed and included.

We linked all the live hosts’ presentations and speeches to a live stream throughout the show, and all sessions were recorded and played out again later in the day as ‘simu-live’ for the remote EU and US delegates.

Our vast experience and solid expertise in hybrid meetings allowed us to deliver a seamless event for both audiences with excellent feedback from delegates and members of the client team alike. Attendees left feeling buoyant about the future of the business and the part they could play in its success.

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