To virtual and beyond: the evolution of events

Six opportunities to reimagine events with an integrated approach.

Virtual events are here to stay, that much we can all agree on.  But what does that mean for physical experiences?  When the world reopens and people feel safe to travel again and participate in live events, what will the events landscape look like?  The pandemic has shown us that virtual, when done well, is an effective communications channel in its own right, making a compelling case for a future where it co-exists harmoniously alongside in-person experiences in the events mix.

But there are challenges, both in the short- and long-term.  Virtual audience expectations are going up, technology continues to develop at a fast pace and there is an ever-increasing array of different platform and format options available.  Importantly, there is still nothing quite like the in-person experience when it comes to certain aspects of events, like networking and sharing success.

In the future will it be possible to create an event that is tailored to all audiences and meets all business objectives?

We recently asked leading events, marketing and communications experts for their thoughts on the future of events following the biggest transformation the industry has ever seen.

With the help of our research, we have identified six key opportunities for the industry to reimagine events with an integrated approach. Our sincere thanks for their time and input to everyone who contributed to this report.

Aspect Insights Report

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