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The next normal: what’s new for events in Q4 and beyond?

For many businesses, “back to school” in September presents an opportunity for a renewed focus on the final quarter of the year and beyond. So, while we continue to progress towards the next normal (and the next one, and the next one), what are the three pillars of consistent and effective event communications for your organisation?

What is a hybrid event?

The definition of Hybrid lies with the audience experience, not the technology.

Making a Success of Hybrid

Aspect’s 5-point checklist.

What does “Freedom Day” really mean for the events industry?

Things aren’t going back to normal just yet – and in some ways they never will.

10 top tips to make your next employee event hit the mark

If you want your next employee engagement event to pack a punch, you need to rethink how you design and deliver it.  Here are my ten top tips for ensuring that you’re communicating with and inspiring your teams in the right way, at the right time, and get the results you want.

Employee engagement in COVID times: how to reconnect with your people

Are you thinking about how to bring your teams together again after this enforced period of isolation and remote working?  Understanding the science behind how we learn and absorb information is critical to inspiring and motivating your people, and makes it easier to plan and design engagement programmes that really work.

‘Tis the season: the evolution of the AGM

What lessons have we learned from the most recent AGM season and how will the format evolve for 2022 and beyond?

The truth about hybrid: 5 myths debunked

‘Hybrid’ is the word on everyone’s lips right now but there is a lot of confusion around the format, so I wanted to bring some clarity to the conversation.  Talk to us or visit our website if you want to find out more about the Aspect approach to hybrid events.

To virtual and beyond: the evolution of events

Six opportunities to reimagine events with an integrated approach.

What to look for when choosing a virtual events agency

We know that choosing a virtual events agency to collaborate with can be challenging, so here are some helpful tips to ensure your partnership is successful (and rewarding!)

The ROI of virtual: a little less magic, a little more science please!

There’s a lot of talk about metrics and ROI in virtual events but not much clarity.  Luckily, it doesn’t need to be complicated and can make a real difference to your bottom line.  Here’s how!

Virtual reality: events in 2021

It’s the end of January and the Aspect team and I have had a chance to reflect on what’s in store for events in 2021.  Spoiler alert – it’s great news!

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