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The Power of Inspiration

Once upon a time, a father sat in a theme park watching his daughters play. Whilst parents around him grew bored and anxious waiting for their children, this father was conjuring up a dream of a new type of theme park; one that would have attractions for parents and children together – and so the idea for Disneyland was born.

Inspiration can be broken down into several parts:

  • First, inspiration is evoked by a ‘trigger’ event, for instance Walt Disney’s visit to the theme park
  • Next, it involves a ‘change of hearts’ associated with emotions such as elevation and a ‘change of minds’ that motivates you towards a new ‘target’ – in this case Walt dreaming up the idea of a new type of theme park, and setting about making it happen

There are a lot of things that can provide inspiration, including hearing a memorable quote, seeing a moving piece of art, witnessing other people overcome adversity or even the sheer beauty of nature. The common thread is that all of these things are out of the ordinary experiences that work our senses and create lasting memories. These memories feel good and are re-lived further down the line.

Focussing on communications, these memory moments build engagement with audiences, illicit new behaviour that adds value to your business and most importantly, continue to impact your audience’s behaviour once the moment is over. Whilst success is traditionally measured by numbers, we believe that the value of communications is rarely a simple revenue calculation. The true power is in its legacy – the emotions that are left behind. Communications in our sector are about engaging audiences to modify their perceptions, encourage new behaviours, boost motivation and enhance empowerment.

This is where Aspect’s core aim to ‘inspire audiences’ comes in. Our new inspiration strategy ensures that ‘inspiration’ is at the forefront of the company’s thought processes and modus operandi, no matter the challenge, whatever the objectives, however small the task. As only when events and interventions have an emotional, physical and behavioural impact translating into real behavioural change, can they be considered a true success, giving business value in the long term.

Building on this theory, Aspect has been working with the latest research to develop an inspiration tool allowing you to really measure the impact an event or intervention has on your business.

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