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We are looking for an experienced and dynamic producer to join our team, someone with a proven track record in developing close client relationships to bring about account development and growth. Please send your CV and cover letter to

Are you a Graduate looking to start your career in the live events industry? We have a new Project Co-ordinator vacancy, so if you want to learn the ropes and get involved in a multitude of exciting different projects both here in the UK and around the world, then please do send your CV and cover letter to


Measurement that counts

Measurement that counts Event ROI has been a much grappled with discussion for many years, but it’s never really been cracked. Return on an event needs to look at future action and positive outcomes that were generated as a result of bringing that group of people...

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The Power of Inspiration

The Power of Inspiration Once upon a time, a father sat in a theme park watching his daughters play. Whilst parents around him grew bored and anxious waiting for their children, this father was conjuring up a dream of a new type of theme park; one that would have...

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