What inspires us?

Knowing that our work produces results.

We take pride in delivering truly transformational experiences.

Proving is believing

We are able to measure success.

Our unique psychometric tool, Aspect Inspiration Measure (AIM), gives us valuable measurement of engagement and behaviours inspired from your intervention.

In other words, real insights into your event ROI.

What do our clients say?


We have long-standing partnerships with many amazing clients who have put their trust in us for years Рdecades even.


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But we’re not complacent

We’re not the sort to rest on our laurels and our clients’ trust matters so much to us.

So we always ask for feedback and seek to improve.

That is why we use the well-established (and very demanding) NPS: the Net Promoter Score.

It is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely our clients are to recommend our services to someone else.

And quite simply, our clients rate us.

Best of all, our clients would recommend us…