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The Context

With a new CEO and leadership team and a complete refresh of the brand, this sales conference came at a crucial time in our client’s history.

Our challenge was to motivate, inspire and instil self-belief in the sales team, introduce and align them with the new leadership and kick start much needed sales growth across the organisation.

Our Work

Insight showed us that a completely different approach was needed; one that completely changed the way the leadership interacted with the sales force.

To support communication before, during and after the event we designed a strong, clear sales mantra and theme that was red threaded through all content. This theme was enhanced by the use of a dynamic stadium setting anchored to a competitive, sports analogy. Business messages were delivered in this high-energy environment fostering engagement and collaboration and developing a shared vision and ownership.

By implementing a ‘no PowerPoint’ philosophy with short sharp presentations that included constant audience feedback we created an open and inclusive atmosphere.

Separate sessions allowed sales teams to mix and share best practice, work through strategy and jointly develop action.

Output was presented back to leaders during high energy competitive games which used giant inflatables and large foam fingers to add fun.

The Outcome

The event, with its innovative, fun and engaging approach, was a massive success and a real game-changer in respect to how the leadership interacted with sales. Feedback highlighted the energy and positive dynamic that the production team instilled in presenters through their first class support and coaching.

The result was 93% of the salesforce came away feeling motivated & inspired and 91% had clear understanding of the company’s strategy priorities.


“Thank you, and all your teammates, for once again delivering a differentiated, strategic, beautiful, and flawlessly executed event. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with such creative and talented people, and even more so, such nice, funny, smart, and engaging people. I always look forward to it.

Thanks for being part of our team.  Making our lives easier.  And making us all more successful.

Until next time…”

Event Manager

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