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The Context

This sales kick-off for our global technology solutions client was the first fully live event for the APAC division of the organisation and Aspect’s first live show in Asia since the pandemic.

The three-day meeting saw 900 delegates from 13 different countries come together in Bangkok to share, learn and celebrate for the first time since the recent company restructure, during which multiple parts of the business were consolidated under a new single brand.

Our Work

A crucial element of the delivery of this event was the inclusion of a number of important sustainability objectives – a first for our client for a meeting on this scale. Recognising the importance of these objectives, our progressive client was committed to incorporating them into all key decisions from the very beginning of the planning process, with a key focus on measuring the event’s environmental impact and sharing the positive actions taken with all attendees.

Aspect’s in-house sustainability team collaborated closely with the client to develop a full sustainability plan for the event covering travel, catering, energy consumption, production, and waste. An event sustainability tracker helped the project team maintain focus on the sustainability objectives and ensure a positive outcome on all of them.


During the delivery of the three-day event, Aspect’s dedicated sustainability team worked with the client to implement the following actions:

  • No single-use plastic used across the event space
  • Welcome reception wristbands, lanyards and event badges were recycled
  • Any food waste was redistributed by a local food charity
  • All signage was recycled post-event
  • To meet the final objective of sharing the actions implemented with the event delegates, we created an engaging display of 12 ‘fun facts’ to inform and educate on the sustainability goals of the event, with a QR code that linked through to further information for those who wanted it

The Outcome

A full sustainability management report was produced following the event using the isla ‘TRACE’ methodology, focusing on catering and audience travel but additionally covering the environmental impact of staff travel and any graphic items produced for the event.

The total carbon footprint of the event was measured and recorded, as well as the average carbon footprint per attendee. This data provides valuable insights that will enable us manage and reduce the carbon footprint of future events.

To meet the final objective of the sustainability strategy for this event, the results achieved through these actions were shared with the delegates post-event.

Post-event recommendations

After the event, Aspect compiled a list of learnings and ways in which to further improve the sustainability credentials of future events, included tangible actions in the following sustainability areas:

  • A switch to eco-certified hotels who use renewable energy suppliers or aim to reduce hotel requirements by 10%
  • 100% plant-based catering for all delegates and event staff, or as a minimum avoid beef or lamb on the menu; the offer of a menu selection in advance to avoid food waste
  • Book local crew and encourage event staff to car share or use public transport to reduce road transport emissions
  • Reduce emissions from audience air travel by offering the option to attend the event virtually and incentivising train travel instead
  • Reduce the amount of graphics produced by re-using old graphics where possible or reduce overall requirements
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