Virtual Regional Sales Kick-Offs

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The Question

In the midst of a global pandemic, how do you ensure your global sales teams are able to achieve performance targets when they can’t meet with each other or their customers?

The Project

For our client, the answer was to deliver a series of virtual sales kick offs in key regions to inform, motivate and enable their sales teams to thrive despite the obvious challenges they faced. With no experience of delivering virtual events of this size and scale, they needed an experienced partner they could trust.

Based on a detailed understanding of their messaging we developed a creative theme that we brought to life through graphic design, animation and a host of interactive digital experiences.

We created a fully branded and immersive 3D event environment including collaboration spaces, a keynote auditorium, innovation labs and briefing centres. Using green screen technology and mixed reality we delivered a broadcast quality production that ensured viewers remained fully engaged throughout.

Our producers worked with regional marketing teams to adapt the content for their regions.

Our technical team worked tirelessly testing connectivity and IT across the globe to ensure that, when the live events came, all attendees were informed about how to achieve the best user experience in their region.

The Outcome

  • 2,350 attendees
  • 16+ hours of streamed content
  • 1,300+ chat messages in the plenary presentations alone

The creative is now being used more widely across the business!


“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and expert execution.  We greatly appreciate all of your guidance and efforts as we navigated our first virtual SKO.  We were very glad to partner with each of you as you truly were the experts in this virtual arena.  You are all heroes!”

Senior Marketing Manager, Americas

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