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The Context

Launching peak trading to store managers is a key initiative for one of Britain’s best-loved retailers. Typically held as a live, one-day event, this year’s conference needed to go hybrid due to COVID-19.

After a difficult year involving store closures, enforced shutdowns, staff furlough and redundancies, this meeting mattered more than ever. Bringing people together was important but we needed to ensure it was safe to do so during the COVID pandemic.

Our Work

We created a dynamic, two-way, TV show format to replace the physical event. We looked to Comic Relief as our creative inspiration: lot of serious content, beautifully put together videos, interspersed with lighter moments and plenty of community-created material. Using this approach, we were able to put together a live TV show for 1,000 attendees lasting 3.5 hours with 2 short breaks built in.

Using Teams, we were able to create two-way presentations from 7 live store sites – we could see and hear the attendees in these locations and they were able to contribute live to the event. We were also able to share the images of these, and many more remote attendees, through Teams – wherever we could show the audience on screen – we did! Audiences were able to watch in small safe viewing parties around the country.

The content was really important – no second was lost in communicating the key messages. However, the serious content was interspersed with interactive elements including dressing-up, singing and dancing, taking place simultaneously across hundreds of the retail store sites in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The event was anchored from a concept store in London where two employees became the hosts of the show. This is where Aspect set up a technical control hub to control proceedings.

The whole broadcast was designed to be an open, honest, but fun, kick-off where attendees felt involved, seen and heard – all virtually.

The Outcome

1000 store managers joined the event live via Teams broadcast, reaching 620 stores and cascading to a 92,000 workforce.

Recorded content achieved over 10,000 views post-event.


“Aspect really took note of the results of last year’s conference, notably creating a joined-up set of events in tone and style, which was a primary aim of ours. They carefully considered tone, in light of the pandemic, while generating as much energy and interactivity as we could – resulting in three successful on-line events, helping us explain our plan in detail and with confidence with opportunities to hear from our Colleagues too.”

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