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The Context

Our global energy client approached Aspect for technical, logistics and production support to deliver their Extended Leadership Team series across a five-week period. The brief was to bring together 600 leaders from different US and European refineries at two events in Chicago and two events in Budapest to discuss and plan the organisation’s business strategy and leadership culture for the future.

Our Work

Our work on this project began with the venue search for the client, which was a critical part of the process due to the specific requirements for each event, including several breakout spaces, bedrooms for all delegates and the event team, and a space big enough for everyone to enjoy the evening activities together.

Our close collaboration with the venues continued throughout the project, providing full logistical support for our client from delegate movement and conference equipment to signage and food & beverage. We supported the local teams to bring the design of the main plenary areas and networking hubs to life and ensure the look and feel were perfectly on-brand.

We worked closely with the client’s new event design team during the build and rehearsals to ensure every small detail was taken care of ahead of the live event. Aspect’s graphics designer worked with flexibility and agility to manage any last-minute changes, and one of our producers called the show, making the whole production a solid Aspect team effort.

Approximately 150 leaders from different refinery sites around the world and global players from the wider organisation attended each of the events for three days of strategy planning and leadership culture discussion. Group dinners with competitive elements like quizzes and creative challenges added an interactive element and allowed delegates to consolidate their learning in a more informal setting.

The production of the event overall was low-tech and very ‘human’ in its approach, with a focus on creating tangible actions and priorities for the leaders to take away. On the last day, the room layout was changed to a concentric circle format so the whole team could see each other, which was very powerful. Many delegates stood up to share with their peers what the event meant for them and what changes they intended to make as leaders.

The outcome

We delivered four successful and inspiring events on two continents in a short period of time. We worked with several new suppliers across different time zones to create a smooth process for our client and ensure their key messages were delivered to the leadership team in a powerful, lasting way that will help them shape the organisation for the future.


“The Aspect did an excellent job of managing the logistics and production for our events, tackling challenges and finding the right balance of budget versus payment. The team were highly solutions driven and managed to find the right creative solutions to maximise the event. We never could have achieved what we did without them.”







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