Annual General Meeting

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The Goal

In order to engage more shareholders than ever before, our retail client set out to deliver a hybrid AGM that kept the Chairman in full control of proceedings at all times while dealing with both a physical and virtual audience.



Our Work

After years of delivering physical events, our client set Aspect a new challenge: Design a true hybrid event that would enable the company to engage shareholders and pass company business in a compliant way. Critical to this was ensuring an equal experience for both the virtual and physical audiences.

Aspect created the perfect event planning blueprint to ensure that all shareholder communications leading up to the event were adapted to this new approach.

Presentations were webcast into an interactive platform that allowed remote viewers to watch proceedings, submit written questions and cast their votes during the voting on resolutions section. Aspect advised on the Chairman’s script for the meeting to adapt it for a virtual audience. Full back-up streams for the virtual audience were provided.

Shareholders were able to submit questions ahead of time if they wished to, as well as through the event platform. During the meeting, Aspect used its proprietary question management software to keep the Chairman fully informed of proceedings so that he had all the live questions and virtual questions at his fingertips and could decide which ones he wanted to take.

The Outcome

  • 700 attended physically
  • 60 attended virtually
  • Over 100 shareholder questions submitted and answered
  • Voting was all passed
  • Smooth meeting took place


“I wanted to say a really big thank you for all of your support today and in the run up to the event. Right from the word go, you filled me with confidence the event was going to pass smoothly and be a success. And you delivered!! Thank you for all of your wisdom and guidance along the way. Was a real pleasure working with you and I’m looking forward to the next time we can do that”.

Company Secretary


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