Global Virtual Investor Meeting

Need – ESG Investor Briefing

Services – Multi site link up, technical, broadcast


To enable a multi-national company to give an informative investor briefing on ESG in a virtual setting.


To build a studio from the client’s offices in the UK and US, from which presenters could attend and be filmed live for their presentations.

This enabled a consistent look and feel to the presentations, and control of the transmission, to ensure all the presentations were of the highest possible quality. The presentations were webcast out in the afternoon to enable attendees from the US and the UK to watch. Presenters were able to speak to each other using the client’s Webex platform – so they could have real time conversations – which was essential to ensure seamless presentations. Presenters were supported with on-camera autocue so that they had full script support while still maintaining excellent eye line to the camera. Additional presenters, outside of the two studios, were also able to participate and be involved in the Q&A via the Webex platform.

The ESG briefing was 3½ hours in length with a 30 minute break in the middle. There were two Q&A sessions, one before and one after the break. Questions were submitted via the webcast and were then read out to the virtual panel to answer.

The briefing was a great success with positive feedback from presenters and investors.

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