Paving the way for virtual global leadership meetings

Need – Engaging and Interactive Virtual Leadership Workshop

Services – Live Broadcast, Production, Creative, App Development


Our client’s annual global leadership workshop is a vital engagement and energy boosting gathering for their Senior Leadership Team which, for the first time ever, had to be conducted virtually in 2020.

The focus was centred around Leaders feeling empowered, supported and clear on company direction. Engagement and interactivity with the meeting content were key objectives for this virtual workshop.

A simple zoom call would not be sufficient.

Instead our challenge was to deliver an all-encompassing solution that allowed for content sharing, crowd sourced content, attendee interactivity, networking and live two-way broadcast to their Leadership Team.


Aspect identified and integrated three technology platforms to provide a heightened user experience.

Attendees were able to engage with their counterparts across the globe through direct messaging, topic forums, on a private event activity feed and by submitting questions.

Once the virtual meeting element was live, the Leadership Team were able to watch, be seen, and ask questions throughout a 2-hour period.

Our presenters were located in Chicago, Zurich and Melbourne, set up in pop-up film studios. We were able to seamlessly transition between studio locations, attendees and presenters creating an interactive and communal programme.

Once the live programme finished, on demand services were made available to watch back presentations and continue the conversation.

Overall the broadcasting quality partnered with the engagement opportunities proved a huge success. The overall result is an event which will be continued for the next 3 months as part of a virtual workshop series!

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