Stories that cut through social media noise

Need –  Brand Activation

Services – Video & Content Creation


To turbo boost the online presence for a global ICT brand within a highly saturated market. Make them front of mind against their competitors.

This was no quick fix. Looking ahead 12 months, we knew the campaign required lasting impact to succeed.


Create an explosive social media campaign designed to harness the power of the Mobile World Congress and build brand presence across the year.

Our expert knowledge and contacts allowed us to capture powerful and compelling sound bites from customers, exclusive interviews with VIPs and the all-important Execs – we even scooped a piece to camera with the King of Spain.

Having carefully curated all content, we conceived and executed a series of high impact ‘stories’ providing our client with an arsenal of newsworthy output to kickstart their social media presence and blow their competitors out of the water.

A series of 24 compelling videos featuring product demos and leading industry insights were created to support the campaign giving the brand high levels of Social Media exposure over a 12 month period.

This strategic video content was hugely popular, achieved record hits and enabled our client to actively engage with stakeholders and inspire its customers. The battle to build a strong brand identity was well and truly won leading to legions of social media followers and loyal advocates.