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Aspect created a ‘NO LIMITS’ theme for the Sales & Support Staff event, to inspire the audience to push boundaries to overcome and resolve personal and professional limitations to sell more to their clients. Over the 2½ day event, the audience engaged with exciting, unusual presentations in a dynamic theatrical, in-the-round environment and a 3-way runway stage, which enabled presenters and a troupe of Cirque du Soleil’ acrobats to get amongst the audience and interact directly with them.

‘One Global Connection’ Global Brand & Values re-launch.
Our client needed to change its perception both within the market and with its employees. “We wanted all employees, from the Senior Leadership Team through to customer services and back office support staff, to feel included, valued and engaged with the new strategy – all at the same time.”

Aspect’s solution was a single global live broadcast to all 5,000 employees, located across 27 countries.
The company’s HQ in Florida acted as the ‘host’ with fast-paced live links and interactions across all key locations … the event literally ‘chased the sun’ as one location was connected to the others! Aspect managed all content, running orders, presenter rehearsals and the complex broadcast platform to link all key locations.

A leading FinTech company needed to bring two recently merged global companies together to reward and recognise top sales performance. The companies were new to each other and there was a big challenge to get them culturally integrated. Aspect put forward the winning destination, Greece, and created a six-night dual location programme, which saw the winners sit back and relax beach-side in Crete and get culturally enriched in the centre of Athens. The programme was actioned-packed, creating ‘once in a lifetime’ memories. The client confirmed it was the most successful trip in recent years.

A half-day launch of new company values to 1,000 employees, this event featured an auditorium in the round followed by dynamic and interactive zoned experiences to bring each value to life. In teams of 15, employees worked together to earn points during day. The event finished with a celebratory evening dinner and party.

Our client wanted to bring together family businesses from across the globe for a unique and tailored experience of London. Aspect saw this project through from concept to delivery over a two-year period, working relentlessly on an ambitious programme to help the 1,500 guests work hard and play hard at creating memories that would last a lifetime. The daytime conference programme was packed with breakouts and work streams tailored to the individuals’ needs. The evenings were a great balance between celebrating the grandeur and heritage of London on a large scale, taking over iconic venues like the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Albert Hall, as well as more intimate experiences of London through networking dinners at 20 dine-around locations.

AIM brings together the latest research into a series of two questionnaires deployed before and after your event. There are 4 questions asked before the event and they are matched to similar 4 questions at the end of an event. It measures and tracks how successful your intervention has been in shifting minds, changing attitudes and developing new audience behaviours that deliver real business value and ROI. It also allows for delegates to list perceived barriers giving you excellent qualitative insights as well.

AIM was recently used for a Retail Gaming Leadership conference for 130 leaders.
Result highlights include:
• The number of highly inspired people doubled from 43.1% before the event to 82% after
• There was an increase in clarity of action needed to improve performance from 49.5% before the event to 78.7% after
• Perceived barriers fell from 34.8% to 5.8%