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Measurement that counts

Event ROI has been a much grappled with discussion for many years, but it’s never really been cracked. Return on an event needs to look at future action and positive outcomes that were generated as a result of bringing that group of people together.

Event measurement typically looks at all the wrong things. It looks at all the rear view mirror stuff. I appreciate that this is important and there is a place for this (those who know me know that I am all for continuous improvement and striving for better and better). I appreciate there is a place for rating speakers, venues, catering, themes, etc., but these satisfaction-style questions are not going to predict the success generated from an event afterwards.

What measurement should be looking at is how much difference or impact the event had. It should measure the before and after to look at the impact and transition achieved by that event.

Surely the success of an event should be on the shift it’s made from how people feel before and after?

That’s what we’ve been trying to do here at Aspect for the past few years. We think we’ve cracked it with a new psychometric measure – we call it AIM (the Aspect Inspiration Measure).

It measures the before and after to look at the shift in clarity gained, motivation to act, levels of inspiration achieved and perceived barriers. That way you can really see the Return On Investment that bringing those people together has achieved.

– Jo.

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