Case Study

Training for a high-tech telecommunications company

The challenge

Our client needed to educate all personnel in their Government Sector to influence and communicate better, which proved problematical as they were spread across the US, Canada, Australia and the UK. Additionally they needed a solution to help cement their teams and build-up relationships.

The solution

Two of Aspect’s Senior Trainers put together a two day regional roadshow training course that all employees attended in small groups.

The first day concentrated on expanding their presentation techniques. In order to ensure the participants were stimulated and encouraged throughout the course, and to prepare them for their future presentations, a purpose-built theatre was used for this training programme, so they had first-hand experience of speaking to a large audience in a conference environment.

The second day was about different about building awareness and increasing influencing skills. Our solution was to put together a series of practical exercises which were far from the participant’s day-to-day business activities.

By bringing the participants together in regional groups we were encouraging team bonding. The training was done in groups of eight across the two days which enabled them to build and strengthen their business relationships.

The outcome

The course was considered to be so good that we were asked to hold a one-on-one training session with the President of the Division for the upcoming Partner Conference.

The feedback from our client was very positive:-
“The feedback to date has been fantastic, Ashley did a great job! You have got a very good product and if I was you I would be trying to build that out into a wider offering.”