In 2013, the attention span of the average American citizen became shorter than that of a goldfish. As our brains are flooded with instant information, attention spans are decreasing. The knock on effect for meetings and events? We must now try harder than ever to engage our audience.

‘Attendee’ is defined as ‘a person who attends a conference or other gathering’ and is a word commonly used when talking about meetings and events, but did you notice that in our previous blog, the word does not appear once? This is because our event app is just one tool which can help you make the transition from hosting passive event attendees to welcoming active event participants. Following the in-depth look at our event app, we’ve put together a list of our other top 5 tools to engage and inspire your audience.

  1. Ask participants to co-create their own experience

People want to be engaged, recognized, educated and inspired and one way to ensure this happens is to ask your audience to co-create their own experience. Whilst this can take the form of live polls, surveys, photo galleries and competitions, why not start before your audience is even onsite? A pre-event selfie video campaign is a great way to allow your audience to shape the content of your event.

  1. Get personal

Events are fundamentally social things, bringing like-minded people together for a shared experience.

With the quality of networking available at an event becoming one of the biggest factors encouraging participants to attend, it is important to place a strong focus on nurturing this offline connectivity and providing opportunities for face-to-face meetings that can generate potential business leads.

  1. Analyse the audience

Data analytics provides us with goldmine of useful, real-time information to improve the event experience. Instead of paper surveys being handed out and tallied up after an event, technology gives us the information required to edit the agenda as you go, and tailor smaller breakout sessions to be focussed on the interests and demographics of the individuals in the room.

  1. Go beyond the comfort zone

Why not impress your audience with an orchestral performance, and then surprise them with the news that they are going to learn to do it themselves! Challenging your audience, taking them out of their comfort zone and giving them the chance to try something new, even if it is just a small part of your event, will impact their whole experience.

  1. Exploit the TED factor

Whilst TED talks have been around for years, it is only recently that it has started to become a go-to format for the events industry. This change in format is quick and easy to implement but can have a dramatic effect on your event with the 18 minutes sessions suiting the ever decreasing attention spans of our audiences.

Whilst we have highlighted a few audience inspiration tools that can be used to increase engagement with your event, this should not be seen as a one size fits all guide. Aspect uses innovative thinking to respond to each and every brief with a bespoke solution. Whilst we have used all of these tools in the past and will continue to do so in the future, the creativity of our events will always be driven by the words that are being said, as opposed to the tools that are being used to deliver this message.

If you’d like more information on how Aspect can incorporate any of the tools discussed into your event please contact…