In today’s society, people check their phones in the morning, read news articles on them on their way to work, look up reviews about restaurants when deciding where to go for lunch, check Facebook and Twitter on their way home and use the maps function to navigate their route to dinner. So why do we still expect them to put their phones away during meetings and events?

With 64% of corporate event planners now using or considering the use of a mobile app for their events (C&IT State of the Industry Report 2014), this is starting to change, with event participants now being asked to stay switched on. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should embrace this change and consider using our Event App today.                                

Reason 1: It will help your event participants gain knowledge in a quicker and easier format

We live in a world where a quick Google search will provide someone with answers in seconds, and event participants expect no less. Our app replaces printed guides, giving flexibility to content changes and providing users with the most up-to-date information at the click of a button. The app’s schedule-building capabilities provide users with a personalised experience aiding them to gain new industry knowledge as they easily find relevant sessions and speakers.

Reason 2: It will inspire and motivate participants in an ingenious and engaging way

Through features that help delegates participate in discussions, share their thoughts, have fun and carry what they have learnt with them wherever they go, our Event App will inspire your audience as it turns passive spectators into active participants. The app not only increases engagement but it can also help meet particular event goals through gamification tools that allow you to incentivise the desired behaviours of your audience.

Reason 3: It will enhance event networking and help to facilitate stronger relationships

Events and conferences provide participants with plenty of opportunities to meet new business contacts, industry experts and their peers, and our Event App makes this easier. Participants are able to see a list of who’s attending, send each other messages to proactively start networking, set up meetings in advance and exchange contact details.

Bonus Reason: Whilst the 3 reasons above meet your participants’ needs – there is something in it just for you too. With the app offering real-time analytical information, it does away with post-event paper surveys and helps you improve the event experience as you go.


In the next 6-12 months it is expected that we will see an 85% or greater mobile app adoption rate among event professionals (MPI The State of Event Apps), but it is important to evaluate the use of the technology properly and not just use it for the sake of joining the majority. Our top tip when considering any event app would be: know your event objectives first, understand them fully and then ask if our Event App could help you achieve these. With the numerous tools available on the app, the answer is most likely ‘yes’ – and we will be able to help you decide the specific functionalities needed to meet your objectives.

To find out more about how we can create a bespoke version of our Event App, designed to meet the unique objectives of your event and inspire your audience, contact Jo Randle, CEO at or telephone +44 (0)208 2828 7575.