Keeping virtual meetings interesting is difficult.  Virtual meetings happen all the time; they can be too long, have very dry content and, as such, engagement is really low and quite often people don’t look forward to joining them.

But the solution to creating impactful virtual meetings is simple.  The trick is to keep changing the focus, the content and the way you communicate, making sure the presentations are short and sharp.

Think of yourself as a TV magazine programme Producer – how do I keep my viewers involved?  Ten top tips include:

  1. Create an identity  –  this could be as simple as a name for your ‘programme’.  A logo, a sting, will instantly pique interest & make your meeting memorable.
  2. Produce a running order  –  you need a structure and publish it prior to the meeting.
  3. Stick to the timings & subjects  –  it’s important to stay in control.
  4. Make sure presentations are short and sharp  –  the maximum attention span of your audience is 20 minutes, so maintain their interest by keeping messages/subjects/discussions to 10 minutes or less.
  5. Use expert presenters  –  invite guests who can offer a different point of view, add to the content, give expert opinions and challenge the current way of thinking.
  6. Encourage debates  –  the more involved people are, the more they will invest their time in a subject.  Prior to the meeting, invite opinions or comments and then use them as a basis for a discussion.  Encourage open debate but make sure you are strict about the parameters (subject, duration, involvement).
  7. Adopt different presentation styles such as an interview approach  –  a presentation can be transformed by changing it to an interview.  Often information comes across in a more natural way during a discussion, rather than a presentation where you may feel you’re being ‘talked at’.
  8. Go into the business & find out more  –  video colleagues about an interesting project, report on events, get an international perspective as well as a local one.
  9. Invite collaboration  –  prior to the meeting ask for questions; Conduct opinion polls during the meeting; Post meeting ask what your audience enjoyed- what they want more of, what didn’t work.  All feedback is good feedback & people will be happy that you want their opinion.
  10. Communicate outcomes  –  report back with results, updates, opinions. Take action if required and deliver on promises.

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