Case Study

Re-brand Roll-out for an IT Solutions Company

The challenge

This IT Solutions Company was to re-brand and asked the Aspect team to develop a communications strategy to launch the new company, brand and identity to the Senior Management Sales and Partner community.

The solution

Aspect developed a face-to-face strategy to allow the roll-out of the brand and its identity and values, spanning a period of three weeks, starting with a Senior Leadership experience.  This deep-dive event created a global team of new brand advocates able to espouse a consistent brand message to their global teams around the world immediately afterwards.

The Sales Conference communications event quickly followed, driving the sales teams to internalise the new brand, its strategy and products for them to talk to existing and potential clients.  From the Sales Conference a ‘show in a box’ set of collateral was developed to allow mini sales conferences to be undertaken to thirty other countries.

Happening virtually simultaneously was a Partner event to allow the brand to establish clarity and a clear path forward for this important community.  Again a ‘show in a box’ approach was utilised to allow further Partner Conferences to be developed and executed across the globe.

At the heart of all of these face-to-face experiences was sophisticated interactivity and engagement to ensure the audience embedded the learning and new behaviours to reflect the company’s new brand.

The outcome

“Here we are, having conceived, designed, built and delivered an experience that has surpassed expectations and left everyone involved with memories that will last a lifetime.  You played a huge part in making this happen… We have a team of executives who are more confident, inspired and energised to make this bold step a success.  We have crafted a moment in our company’s history that will resonate for a long time into the future, and working with you has made it not just an achievement, but a pleasure and an inspiration.”