Case Study

Question Management System at AGMs

The challenge

‘At a general meeting of a traded company, the company must cause to be answered any question relating to the business being dealt with at the meeting put by a member attending the meeting’ Shareholder Rights Directive Regulation 12, Companies Act 2006 Section 319A.

The solution

Aspect question registration system ensures that only relevant questions are registered to be asked at a Meeting, potentially difficult questions are identified early and answers can be prepared on them including importing questions from pre-prepared Q&A packs. The likely duration of the Q&A can be identified, similar topics can be grouped together to help speed up proceedings and deal with a topic in one go. Similarly, ‘difficult’ or ‘easy’ questions can be placed in strategic positions. The order of questions can be manipulated all through the meeting if required.

The Board can be kept in touch with the questions being registered pre-meeting with a relay into their Board or Green room area. There is a search function to locate a particular questioner or topic and a print function so all questions and answers can be printed before the meeting commences.

The Board are kept informed all the way through the Meeting with their own display screens. There is a timing and queue numbering facility so the Board know how long the question has been going on for and how many more questions are coming up.

Furthermore, from a Shareholder perspective, Aspects question registration system provides reassurance and help to Shareholders who wish to ask a question at the meeting, it gives them comfort that there question will be answered, they can nominate the Chairman to ask the question on their behalf if they do not wish to speak, they get clear guidance from marshals as to what happens in the meeting, along with a specifically reserved area to sit in the auditorium.

Aspect’s Question Registration System can be tailored to a client’s needs and budget, it can link to the Shareholder register through bar coding and Lumie integration.

The result

Aspects Question Registration system is used by over ten Aspect AGM clients. Here is what they say:

‘We were very pleased with the Q&A process and so was the Chairman, which is great.’

‘We found the Aspect team to be very professional, experienced, responsive and agile.  We had some last minute requests from the CFO on the night before the AGM and the team were able to make some critical changes at short notice, which was very much appreciated!’

‘The process was well managed on the day, both at the question points and on the control desk and we felt in very safe hands’.