Case Study

Event app for a global IT company sales conference

The challenge

Our client was looking for a cost-effective tool to engage their delegates pre-event, promote networking with sponsors, and distribute information in multiple languages.

The goal was simple: to build excitement, generate commitment and create a forum for exchanging views and ideas.

The solution

For the third year running we built a customised app to help guide the delegates’ event experience.  Before arrival it featured personalised agendas, provided key information and allowed sponsors and delegates to arrange small group meetings. During the event, push notifications relayed updates whilst an interactive map and sponsor profiles guided delegates through the exhibition. Plus a social board, integrated social media and in-app messaging added an on-site forum for exchanging views and ideas.

The outcome

Over 1,400 people (94%) downloaded and used the app.  The enhanced networking features led to over 1,800 meetings being scheduled and there were 1,200 posts shares on the Social Feed. Both our client, the delegates and the sponsors were delighted with the bigger, bolder version of the app we provided in previous years.

“Wow! I’m very impressed.  Most professional preparation for a Sales Kick Off ever!”