Case Study

Annual General Meeting for utility company

The challenge

We have produced Annual General Meetings for this major energy company for a number of years. Each year we seek to create new and exciting environment for around 500 shareholders. The company’s main objective is to deliver an engaging and involving shareholder experience whilst also making the event cost-effective

The solution

Each year Aspect and the client work closely to develop a new theme.  One of the main priorities is to create a business showcase to increase shareholders’ knowledge and awareness in a way that is both interactive and visually interesting.

This has included a range of complex displays and demonstrations; one year we incorporated the top of a pylon – a 30-foot structure – into the venue!  We work closely with the company’s employees to help them manage and deliver the event on time and, according to the latest regulatory requirements, as well as arranging briefings with Board members and support teams.

We provide a complete support package including:-

  • Security and marsalling
  • Planning and logistics
  • Venue management
  • Technical support
  • Production
  • Health & Safety
  • Presentation and rehearsal training

The result

By building on our strong project management skills and a deepening understanding of the client’s business,
we have been able to reduce the costs of the event year-on-year whilst maintaining the exceptional quality
of the shareholder experience

“Another smooth AGM, thanks to all the work that went on behind the scenes with Aspect and the team.   Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Aspect.”