Case Study

Annual General Meeting for a global alcoholic beverages company

The challenge

Aspect has been producing Annual General Meetings for this company since 2005. Before we were appointed, the event was suffering from diminishing attendance and rising production costs. Aspect continues to drive down costs for the company year on year.

The solution

Our first step was to analyse and reassess all costs surrounding the existing strategy. Years of experience in the industry has taught us not only the core components of a successful AGM but also the areas that can be streamlined. This expertise allowed us to provide a much more cost-effective solution for them while also creating an event that they could be proud of. Part of this solution involved changing the venue from the QEII Conference Centre to the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

There are a lot of complexities involved in producing regulatory meetings so the client looks to us to advise on best practice as well as to simplify the AGM process. By providing a clear set of key requirements and training their staff in these areas, we have ensured that the event is always seamlessly managed. We worked closely and quickly with them to get to know their brand inside out. As a particularly brand conscious company, it was vital for them that all staging and set options were consistent with their message and colour scheme.

The outcome

“Aspect has helped us with the organisation of our AGM for several years now, always to our satisfaction and always a pleasure to work with”